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In this week’s episode of Attorney Talk, Sam Gaylord interviews Justin Marchetta, who focuses his legal practices in aviation and governmental matters. During the show, Sam and Justin discuss getting into aviation law, aviation legal issues, the FAA, and litigation.


  • Do governmental matters become more political depending on the changes?
  • Is yours more of a transactional practice?
  • Do you also handle aviation litigation?



Governmental Matters

  • Justin’s firm does the traditional government representation.
  • The firm is heavily involved in land use.
  • Board approvals, governing bodies, advice to administrations.

Getting Into Aviation Law

  • This is a personal passion for Justin, who began piloting before he went to law school.
  • Justin approached AOPA regarding legal matters and representation.
  • AOPA keeps a panel of qualified aviation attorneys who can field legal issues from the members.
  • The practice grew from Justin not knowing whether there was such a thing as aviation law to being fully immersed in it and learning about it in CLE class.
  • Through networking and casework, Justin started to meet charter operators and aircraft fleet managers and owners.

Aviation Legal Issues

  • Common aviation legal issues include buying and selling airplanes, taxes, licensing, FAA dealings, and import/export transactions.
  • Justin’s aviation legal practice is heavily transactional and advice-driven.
  • Work includes structuring the holding company of the air company, tax implication, and what is the best business model to make the airplane give the most benefit for the least amount of cost.
  • Justin helps pilots understand the true costs long-term.

FAA Regulations

  • The FAA is the ‘overlord’ of the aviation world.
  • The regulations that govern aviation in the USA is Section 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, and it is voluminous.
  • A lot of the regulations, especially part 91 in the operating rules, came about due to a tragic disaster.
  • The requirement that all aircraft have transponders came about due to a tragic accident where an airliner collided with a single engine Cessna over the Los Angeles air space in the 1970s.
  • When giving corporate advice, the entire package has to be submitted to the feds. This turns into an art form, as it is about representing your client well while still being within the bounds of what the FAA will sign off on.

Aviation Litigation

  • Justin was trained as a litigator. In aviation, the litigation is administrative in nature.
  • These cases are highly technical and usually involve experts.
  • The attorneys that litigate on the government side have a lot of resources when it comes to experts and knowledge.
  • Pilots are well served by finding a good aviation attorney who also flies.

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