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Reboot Your Law Practice with Oscar Michelen

In this week’s episode of the Attorney Talk, Ken Thayer interviews Oscar Michelen. Oscar has been the senior trial specialist for the Corporation Councel’s Office for New York City, there he helped defend the city from high exposure, multi million dollar lawsuits. He is currently the managing partner of Cuomo, LLC, a Manhattan law firm. His practice represents small businesses and municipalities as well as artists, entertainers, and designers in intellectual property litigation.

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Veterinary Law with Nancy Halpern

In this week’s episode of the Attorney Talk, Ken Thayer interviews Dr. Nancy Halpern. Dr. Halpern is a registered patent attorney that represents clients in intellectual property and veterinary pharmaceuticals. Nancy also represents animal owners, animal related businesses, veterinarians, animal research facilities, and non profit associations in the support of the interests in the humane use of animals. She is a licensed veterinarian in the state of New Jersey. She has also served as the Director of the Division of Animal Health for the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. During the show Nancy and Ken discuss animal law and the changes that animal rights activists are seeking, intellectual property, and the regulatory issues involving animal use in industry and agriculture.

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Consumer Protection Litigation with Ari Marcus

In this week’s episode of Attorney Talk, Ken Thayer interviews Ari Marcus, who is the managing partner of the Marcus Zelman Law Firm. Ari’s practice is focused on individual and class action consumer protection litigation specifically involving the Fair Debt Collection Act and Telephone Consumer Protection Act classes. During the show, Ken and Ari discuss fee shifting, class actions, finding violations, and credit scores.

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Wedding Law with Rob Schenk

In this week’s episode of Attorney Talk, Ken Thayer interviews Rob Schenk, who is a trial attorney that practices in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, California, and New York. Since 2012, Rob has become one of America’s predominant wedding lawyers and is the editor of During the episode, Ken and Rob discuss what wedding lawyers do, liquated damages, how wedding law is different to business litigation, contract inclusions, WedForms, and dispute resolutions.

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Immigration Law with Debbi Klopman

In this week’s episode of Attorney Talk, Ken Thayer interviews Debbi Klopman, who is a New York attorney that practices in the area of immigration law. Debbi handles migrant visas in employment and family-based categories; she also handles matters under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). During the show, Ken and Debbi discuss immigration law, visa requirements, time restrictions, the two-step process, who makes the decisions, and what it’s like working as an immigration lawyer.

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Employment Law with Daniel Ritson

In this week’s episode of Attorney Talk, Ken Thayer interviews Daniel Ritson, an attorney who practices in New York and New Jersey in the areas of employment law, council, and litigation. Daniel also handles employee benefits, executive compensation, and provides advice to employers on a myriad of employment-related matters including wage and hour compliance, family and medical leave policies and practices, independent contractor relationships and issues, the hiring and discharge of employees, and compliance with federal and state discrimination and retaliation laws.

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Healthcare Law, Jesse Dresser

Healthcare Law with Jesse Dresser

In this week’s episode of Attorney Talk, Ken Thayer interviews Jesse Dresser, who is a lawyer at Frier Levitt and practices in the area of healthcare law. Jesse deals with co-payment collection practices, mail order issues, and insurance billing practices concerning the running of pharmacies. Jesse routinely lectures to pharmacies and provides guidance about proper submissions of claims to insurance companies and methods of growing a pharmacy business while avoiding scrutiny from both payers and regulators. During the show, Ken and Jesse discuss general healthcare law, proactive versus reactive, PBMs, compounding and specialty pharmacies, Obama Care, and the future state of pharmacy law.

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Justin Marchetta

Aviation Law With Justin Marchetta

In this week’s episode of Attorney Talk, Sam Gaylord interviews Justin Marchetta, who focuses his legal practices in aviation and governmental matters. During the show, Sam and Justin discuss getting into aviation law, aviation legal issues, the FAA, and litigation.

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Ken Thayer Podcast with guest Colin Bell

Construction Law with Colin Bell

In this week’s episode of Attorney Talk, Ken Thayer interviews Colin Bell, who is a New Jersey attorney practicing in the areas of construction, civil litigation, and commercial law. Colin was an assistant prosecutor with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office and has been recognized under the Greater Atlantic City ‘Top 40 Under 40,’ as well as the New Jersey Law Journal as a ‘New Leader of the Bar’ in 2015. Additionally, New Jersey Super Lawyers named Colin as a rising star in the field of business litigation from 2010-2015. During this episode, Ken and Colin discuss construction law, the bidding process, attorney involvement, defects, retainage, and bonds.

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Ken Thayer Podcast with guest Trippe Fried

Assess and Manage Risk with Trippe Fried

In this week’s episode of Attorney Talk, Ken Thayer interviews Trippe Fried, who has been a practicing attorney since 1996 and represents businesses of all sizes in numerous industries including healthcare, technology, and financial services. Trippe’s practice, Outsource General Council, focuses on helping businesses assess and manage their risk and use of legal services in such a way they add value to the enterprise as opposed to losing profit and capital. During this episode, Ken and Trippe discuss legal intervention as the most efficient method possible, changes in the legal profession, transactional law and service bundling.

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